About Us

About Us

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Our Mission

XCELL, an exceptional standard of Physiocare is dedicated to provide :

  • Upgraded Assessment tools and techniques
  • Highly effective treatment strategies
  • Cost efficient and customized treatment
  • Our Vision

    To develop State-of-the-Art Multidisciplinary Pulmonary and Neuro Rehabilitation center based on :

  • Advance Diagnostic and therapeutic interventions
  • Evidence Based Rehabilitation
  • To reach out to Home-Bound individuals through Domiciliary services
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    Featured Services

    Improved mobility and motion

    Xcell Physiocare can help to restore your mobility and joint motion following injury, or improve fitness and functional performance

    An alternative to surgery

    Reductions in pain and improved function can avoid the risks of surgery

    Reduce the need for medications

    Improved muscular support and function of painful joints can reduce the need for medication.

    Less time off from work

    Physiotherapy can speed up the recovery and rehabilitation process – getting you back to your work or sport more quickly.